Review: WeVibe Touch

Oh man, WeVibe. My love runs deep (teehee, deep). I was super stoked to review the Touch, but to be honest I was a little skeptical as to how much I was going to love it. I already had the Tango (its fraternal if not identical twin), and that thing had (and still has) my vulva heart in a serious way. Even if I knew the Touch was going to be awesome, I thought it would be similar enough to render one of them unnecessary.

Like most things in life, I was a little right and a little wrong.

Disclaimer: Because they’re so similar, it’s a little hard to talk about one without the other. I’m justifying this by taking the stance that it’s not a matter of whether or not they’re both fantastic; it all comes down to which one is right for you.

This review is a WeVibe steel cage match. Touch vs. Tango. Both will enter. One will leave.


In one corner, wearing purple shorts, the WeVibe Touch. Four inches long by just under two wide by just over one thick. Its velvety purple silicone is soft-feeling without the usual tacky lint-magnet quality. It’s got the bittiest curve, coming to a point at the end of what appears to be a teensy shallow spoon.

In the other corner, in hot pink or blue, the WeVibe Tango. Three inches long and a hair shy of an inch thick, the Tango’s cylindrical shape comes to a flat angled end and looks unshakably like a fresh tube of lipstick. It’s made of ABS plastic, and feels smooth and hard to the touch.

Round one – battery life and charging. Both toys are rechargeable, and will give you two hours of use for an hour and half charge time, which is cool. My gripe with both of them, however, is that the magnetic charger isn’t the strongest, and disconnects pretty easily. These toys need to be laid flat, carefully, and not knocked into at all during charging. In a moment of frustration I actually attached the charger with masking tape. Generally speaking, I’m not fucking around.

Round two – strength and sensation. Holy rumblefuck, Batman. These two aren’t fucking around either. Somehow WeVibe has managed to defy the laws of physics and create two of the strongest rumbliest toys I’ve ever seen in this size. For me at least, the Tango has a slight edge here. The Touch’s surrounding silicone absorbs just a smidge of sensation, leaving the Tango feeling the littlest bit stronger. This difference can only really be noticed when you’re using one right after the other, though, and isn’t that significant.

Round three – shape and feel. The silicone of the Touch and its flatter design mean the vibrations feel a little more spread out, versus the Tango’s pinpointed tip. I don’t have to work as hard to find the right spot with the Touch. Also, that little curve and point at the end… oh yes. While the Tango’s shape lends it nicely to laying flat along my junk, the Touch basically gives my clit a nice little hug and promises to never let it go, while also saying hi to this elusive spot right below/under my clit that I forget about but fucking sends me into orbit when I stumble on it. Material preference is a factor here too. If you like softer feels, the Touch is the way to go. If you like firmer/harder things, you’re gonna wanna Tango. For me, Touch wins this one.

Round four – X factors. One clear leg up the Tango has on the Touch is that it fits easily into most dildos that have space for a bullet. Do not underestimate this as a thing. Also, the Tango is a bit cheaper ($80 compared to the Touch’s $99). Neither is insertable on its own. ANYWHERE. Especially not the Tango, and especially not your butt (unless you put the Tango in the bullet space of a plug, which I strongly advise you to do). To that end, WeVibe does make anal and g-spot sleeves designed for the Tango.

As far as other similarities go, the controls on both are the same: one button on the end that cycles through the different (but same to both toys) steady strengths and patterns. They are both waterproof, and fucking QUIET. I’m a huge fan of stealthurbating. No lie, I have used the Tango with someone sleeping in bed next to me and did not wake them up. For vibrators as strong as these, it’s impressive.

These are both great toys. I’d call either of them a staple in any toy box. They’re strong, user-friendly, quiet, and small, with no real significant drawbacks. They make great starter vibes, but are still seriously enough to impress more seasoned genitals. There is no such thing as a bad decision between the two, with all of their differences coming solely down to personal preference. The Touch and Tango are both available at Good Vibes, and both are very worth having.

This toy was provided to me in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

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