Review: The Minna Limon

I think it’s only right to open this review by admitting that I had a curious crush on the Minna Limon for a while before I actually got a hold of one. I didn’t know a whole lot about it, but it seemed interesting… different. There was something alluring about it. The Limon was a young Marlon Brando making, “Let’s get out of here,” eyes from across the room, promising to show me something I hadn’t seen before.

I wanted it.

With that kind of opening descriptor, I can assure you it looks nothing like you’re expecting. It’s little, lemon-shaped, and quite frankly looks a bit like a toy I’d buy my parents’ Bichon. I was waiting for it to squeak the first time I squeezed it. I’ve heard some people gripe about it not coming in yellow, but I’m honestly glad it didn’t. That would have been some literal overkill. The teal and pink colors are both pretty, but give me a hot pink toy any day and I’m smiling.

So what’s so different about it?

Yeah, it’s rechargeable and waterproof and bodysafe and all that good shit, but unlike vibes with clearly defined power settings and patterns, the Limon is much more of a “choose your own adventure” kind of toy. Its sides have these squishy air pockets that you can’t see but can feel once it’s in your hand. These, once the toy is on, respond to being squeezed as a means of operating and controlling it. Pretty much like the foot pedal on my nana’s sewing machine. A light squeeze translates to a nice light rumbly vibration, and if you squeeze it harder… you’ll be impressed. The vibrations are centered in the tip, so while they’re nice and strong it can take a little bit of maneuvering to line everything up just right. I find myself typically leaning it a little on its side and casting a wide net, hoping for the best.

Rumbly is definitely the way this toy rolls, by the way. Surprisingly so, and dare I say a little rumblier than the Tango. It’s also surprisingly quiet. Both of these things made me very happy. I lose some of that rumbly goodness when I press it more firmly against myself, but that’s a little unavoidable. The degree of sensation control this toy offers makes it nice and friendly for anyone, regardless of how strong or light you like your vibrations. I can’t stress the versatility of this enough. It’s impressively sensitive and responsive to the pressure you put on it. As someone who gets VERY sensitive immediately post-orgasm, I’m used to having to pull a toy off of me right away, which can be a little jarring and take me out of my happy-dappy moment. My favorite thing about the Limon, by far, is that all I have to do is lighten my grip and I can slowly ride an orgasm out until I really want to stop.

You can record patterns for yourself, which I’ll admit I did precisely none of. Even though patterns aren’t my thing in general, I think it’s awesome that you can customize it and don’t have to kill your hand repeating whatever it is you like over and over again. Think of it like a genital metronome. Sure, you could keep time all by yourself, but isn’t it just easier when you don’t have to? If you’re the type of person who digs patterns but are sick of the same ones over and over again, this is going to be a very very cool thing for you.

After I’ve had some time to get to know the Limon a little better, Andy, the ever-wonderful affiliate manager at Good Vibes, checks in with me to see how I’m liking it. I tell him it’s cool, I’m loving the sensations, really digging it… and then immediately start bitching about how I wish I could just set it on high and leave it there without having to hold it steady. It takes him all of 6 seconds to teach me how to do exactly that. And I’m in love again.

It was really the only thing I had thought was missing, but I just didn’t know that it was a feature. Reading the instructions first would have been helpful, but I think a bigger takeaway on this one is that there are people RIGHT THERE who are totally willing and able to help, who care about the experience you’re having, and have just as much of an interest in disseminating information as they do in selling toys. They’re there to be reached out to, to be asked questions. Use them. Your body will thank you.

But the Limon though…

As someone who is easily bored, I appreciate this toy. I appreciate the thought that went into it, the degree of control it gives the user, and the fact that it really is more universal than a lot of toys I’ve seen boasting the same claims. Everyone who uses it is going to have a very different experience. More importantly, everyone who uses it can have exactly the experience they want.

At $119 from Good Vibes, it’s not a cheap toy, but I don’t see it as a gamble in the slightest. Whatever your preference… strong vibration, light, pinpointed, broad, to use alone, with a partner, some combination of the above… you can make it all work with the Limon.
This toy was provided to me in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

3 thoughts on “Review: The Minna Limon

  1. OMG, right? I loved my Limon! (I got the teal one 🙂 ) And of course Andy is awesome, haha! He checked in with me about it. And I also needed some Limon coaching. He had to actually call me to verbally explain what I wasn’t getting through text. So nice! I love your description of “choose your own adventure.” So true! Great review!


  2. “Yeah, it’s rechargeable and waterproof and bodysafe and all that good shit” you basically summed up what I want to say about everything, always. And Andy’s good like that- we’ve all been there, and I’m not ashamed to say he talked me down from some pretty frantic emails where I didn’t know how to plug in the charger for something he sent me, lol.


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